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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the myEasyMatch® Code?

The myEasyMatch® code is a number unique to your document that allows us to identify your specific account and properly address your electronic delivery or payment needs. Your myEasyMatch® code is different from your account or clinic number.


Where is the myEasyMatch® Code?

The myEasyMatch® code is printed on your document.  See the payment or enrollment tab for a sample document image with the code circled in red.


What are e-Statements?

An e-Statement is an electronic version of your mailed (paper) statement. The electronic statement is identical to the paper statement and can be viewed, printed or saved right from your computer.


How do I enroll to receive e-Statements?
Log into your MyCarle account:
Select View your account summary or under the Billing tab choose Billing Acct Summary.
On the Billing Account Summary page, choose View/Pay Bill on an account with a balance.
On the Account Details page, scroll to the bottom and select here in: Click here to view your statements and to Pay Your Bill.
On the top right corner, select the Profile link.
Delivery preference: 
o If currently receiving paper, will show Paper Change.  Select the Change link.
Choose Electronic Delivery.

After you finish the enrollment process you will receive a validation email and will need to click on the link provided to activate your online account.  If the link is not activated you will continue to receive paper statements.

Will I still receive a paper statement?

Once you enroll for e-statements, paper delivery will be shut off.  To revert back to receiving documents in the mail, you would follow the same steps outlined above in How do I enroll to receive e-Statement? and change your delivery preference back to paper. 


When will I receive my e-Statement?

Your next e-Statement will be sent according the existing billing cycle however you will receive it a few days faster because e-Statements bypass mail delivery delays.


How will I know when my e-Statement is ready for viewing?

You will receive an email notification letting you know that your statement is ready for viewing. A link will be provided in the email, directing you to the login to MyCarle. You can access your statement from any computer by logging into your MyCarle account.


How do I view my monthly statements?

Once you have logged into your account, select the statement icon to the right of the statement date and your statement will appear in a separate window in your internet browser.

Can I have my eStatement notification sent to two different email addresses?

Your eStatement notification can only be sent to one email address, but you can access your account from any computer. 


How long will my statement remain online?

You can view current and past statements and payments for 36 months.


How do I view my statements after the 36 month period?

Documents that are older than 36 months will be deleted from your mySecureBill® account.  At any time before the 36 month cutoff documents can be saved on your personal computer.  Click the “save statement” icon from your list of electronic documents in the mySecureBill® home screen.


Is there a charge for e-Statements?

There is no charge for e-Statements.


Is my personal information secure with e-Statements?

Yes, all of your personal information is encrypted and password protected to ensure your personal information is secure.


What if I change my email address?

Log into MyCarle and choose to view your statements, then click the Profile tab.  You can update your email address here and all future notifications will be sent to the updated email address.


What if I forget my password?

Click on the “Forgot Your Password” link on the Login screen.  You will be prompted to enter your username and then you will receive a confirmation email. The email will contain a link to reset your password.


Who should I contact if I don’t receive my email notification?

If any questions arise please reference the 'Contact us' section on the left side of your screen for the appropriate contact information. 


How do I opt out of e-Statements?

Login to your personal account and select the Profile tab.  Change your delivery preference to paper delivery.


What is Adobe Reader and why do I need it?

Adobe Acrobat® Reader ™ is free software used for viewing and printing of electronic forms. You will need this software installed in order for your computer to download, display or print your statement.


How can I get Adobe Reader?
If you need to download and install the Adobe Acrobat (free of cost for Windows, Macintosh and UNIX), click on the following link: Adobe Reader Download


When will my payment be posted to my account?
Your payment will be processed and posted to your account within seven business days. A receipt confirming your payment will also be e-mailed to you.


Is there a charge for making a payment online?

No, there is no charge for online payments.


Who should I contact if I don’t receive my payment confirmation email?

If any questions arise please reference the “Contact us” section on the left side of your screen.

Where do I find the verification number on my credit card?
The card verification number is a three-digit number on the back of Visa/MasterCard/Discover or a four-digit number on the front of American Express.

How do I make a one-time payment if I don’t have a myEasyMatch® code?
On Carle.org choose Quick Bill Pay, select the “Don’t have a statement?” link.  Fill in the required fields, select payment method and click “Continue.” From here you will be able to complete the payment process. If you do not see the “Don’t Have a Statement?” link, please reference the “Contact Us” box on the left side of your screen for customer service contact information.